Summer nights, OH! Summer summer summer nights!

Wow – where did the winter and spring go? Time flies when you’re having fun I guess and the past months have been full of theatre fun!

The Junior and Senior After School Drama programs finished with a wonderfully produced and supported shows.

We all went through the looking glass with Alice and then were transported to a SteamPunk version of Beauty and the Beast written by our very own Sequoia Coe and her teens. Well done all!

And in between all that we hosted Missoula Children’s Theatre for a wacky trip to space with Gulliver.

Now onto our Orca Fest Comedy production. We are currently looking for anyone interested in becoming involved. First meeting is Wednesday June 13, 7:00 pm at the theatre.

Also we are in early preparations to produce Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat Spring 2019. This dream will not become reality with out a whole ton of support from all artists in our area. We need tech and cast singers and dancers young and old musicians and backstage help. We need it all. First meeting is Wednesday June 27, 7:00 pm at the theatre.

You may have noticed there are no movies for June July or August. It’s because in the past they have been poorly attended. So poorly that we have lost money keeping staff for the summer. Our amazing manager Met Ling has given her notice of stepping down so this is the perfect time to shut down and reboot in the fall. We will be advertising our manager and staff positions in late July. Stay tuned.

Now go outside and enjoy nature. (Yes, even if it’s raining)


It’s a New Year

A new year, a new theatre season, a time for more dreams to come true. Gate House Theatre saw many new face come through the doors in 2017 as it produced four large productions, held many different events and saw an increase in its After School Drama Program. We said goodbye to a couple of our core thespians and volunteers as the stage greeted a few new comers to take center stage and the spot light. 2017 for the Theatre was full of hard work and growth.

            As the curtains opened on our Orcafest opening night performance of Wiley Wild West, murmurs of “wow” and “look at that set” could be heard amongst the audience. This reaction is because of the dedication of creative volunteers and talented carpenters who, beyond exceeded in creating a versatile, stun worthy set piece. The design of the piece allows the set to be dismantled and assembled relatively easily. A big thank you for making a big dream of Gate House Theatres first multi functioning set come true.

            Dedicated volunteers and their handy work can be seen throughout the Theatre. Next time you visit, make sure to enjoy the newly painted foyer, the costumes, the set design, the stage lighting and sound system. All of these experiences took countless hours, donated by very talented volunteers. So, when will you come to the Theatre next? Gate House Community Association has continually brought new Pre-Release Movies to the Theatre that play Friday evenings at 7pm. Look at our website at the beginning of every month or view our Facebook page weekly to see what is playing.

            “All the best performers bring to their roles something more, something different then what the author put on paper. That’s what make theatre live. That’s why it persists” -Stephen Sondheim. A new Theatre season is beginning for Gate House Theatre and the Gate House Players. Unfortunately, due to the large time and commitment demand a play of this calibre would require, we are not able to produce/preform Arsenic and Old Lace for you this Spring. Though the production team and thespians are disappointed with the outcome, we are still left with a glimmer of hope that will wonder day see this play on our stage in the future.

            North Island youth will be taking the center stage this Spring. Come April, the After School Juniors will be taking the spot light performing Looking Glass Land, a play based on the tales of Alice in Wonderland. Missoula Children’s Theatre will be joining us this April, giving the children the opportunity to explore the tale of Gulliver’s Travels. For more information about MCT please visit their website at . In May, the After School Seniors will be taking center stage performing their own adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. The group have been working together this past fall and winter to create and write their script. From all the laughter that could be heard during their writing sessions, this production is sure to have an entertaining twist on a tale as old as time.

O, Canada!

Hey … or should I say ‘eh’…

For the last five years Gate House Community Association has celebrated our birthday on Canada Day with activities, music, BBQ’s movies, kid’s activities, and cake. But not this year.

The North Island Gazette placed a two year old ad in this week’s paper – they’ve since corrected it on Facebook. Please note there are NO ACTIVITIES  at GATE HOUSE THEATRE on Canada Day.

Last year, when the Town of Port McNeill decided to take on Canada Day and use it to unveil the clock and honour Mr. Furney we were very excited to see their involvement. We had high hopes that our efforts to build a town celebration on July 1st were going to continue to build, however, since 2015 I’ve asked … and asked … and waited …. for some initiative toward Canada’s 150th to come from the Town … but it came too late (end of May 2017) We did not feel we could organize anything deserving of celebrating 150 years of our great country so have given  our staff and amazing volunteers the day to go and celebrate where and how they choose.

But have no fear! There will be cake on Friday June 30th @ 6:30. We’re showing

MV5BMTc5Mzg3NjI4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzA3Mzg4MDI@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_ @ 7:00 pm. 


Please see below for the various community’s planned celebrations:



Canada Day Celebration at Cluxewe Resort


Port McNeill


Port Hardy


Port Alice



Switching the Movies Up for Community!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a busy couple of months but we seem to keep getting more and more amazing events happening in our community.

You can always stay in the know by visiting the Port McNeill and District Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar.   President Gaby Wickstrom does an amazing job keeping it up to date.

Here’s what’s happening at the Theatre in the near future:

Friday March 31st @7:00 pm xXx: The Return of Xander Cage We haven’t had a shoot em up action film for a while. If this is your kinda movie please come on out and support it.

Saturday April 1st @7:00 pm La La Land We have  moved this movie so that we don’t interfere with the Singing Workshop going on next weekend. We figured those interested in singing are also interested in a musical. We want to support each other’s events in our community.  So spread the word – La La Land is this Saturday night! 

That brings me to next weekend….

Monster Trucks! 
Saturday April 8th ONLY – at 3:00 pm 

We are happy to announce we will show this movie – I have confirmation that it’s on it’s way!


After School Drama Spring Production …

has also been changed to

Wednesday April 26 and Thursday April 27 @7:00pm

More information coming soon.

Thanks for all your support and understanding as times and events change around. We’re doing our best to plan in advance but sometimes life just happens and we find it necessary to adjust. 


Not the Kind of Post I was Hoping For…

I wish I was writing about the wonderful live theatre production we are currently hosting, An Evening With Sherlock, or the amazing award winning original play, Cougar Annie, that is playing Friday March 24th, however I find myself using this space for yet another disappointing announcement.

Due to a mistake from our Criterion Pic representative, Saturday March 18th’s movie, Monster Trucks, was never mailed to us. We will find another movie to play. When we decide which one I’ll put the information up on our Facebook Page.

Please accept our apologies. We are all very disappointed.

No Movie Jan 6th – Waiting for the Switch…

Hey all you loyal and amazing patrons.  Our building experienced an electrical event prior to Christmas that resulted in our electricity being shut down.  They are doing their best to rectify the situation however there is no guarantee the needed part (a switch) will be here and installed by Friday. Therefore we reluctantly cancel our scheduled movie – The Accountant. The movie is already here – so we will reschedule when we have electricity.

Thanks for your understanding.

Membership Has It’s Privileges!

Well it seems Fred Penner is quite the popular guy!
This brings us to Membership Benefits…..

For the Fred Penner concert we are offering our memberships AND to anyone who donates  100.00+  toward our new projector and screen, an exclusive window of opportunity to purchase tickets BEFORE the general public.

Have you thought of membership? Have you missed going to the movies? Have you wondered how you could help? Are you excited that we now have 3-D capabilities?


Then email to take out a membership or donate toward our projector/screen fund and get in on the pre-sale of Fred Penner tickets starting Monday Sept 26th and lasting a brief 30 hours (Monday, Sept 26, 2017, 9:00 am – Tuesday Sept 27, 2016, 3:00 pm)

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